Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Last few days..

Day 4 Of being in hospital...

Iv been exercising on the bike since iv been in and iv broke my record time! iv now reached 11 mins :) I did use my oxygen so i wouldn't get breathless and it did help, i was fine after and didnt cough much. So im going to keep at it and try and increase the time by a minute each time :) 

Iv not been happy being here this time round so far. I came in on Friday night because they 'want me in fast' so i got put on a old persons ward, In a small room where i had no shower room soi had to share with others (which isn't good for cross infection) Then i saw the on call Dr as all my normal ones weren't there. He didnt know what meds to put me on so waited until the morning to deicide. Morning came and i hadn't even have my port accessed yet, no sign of seeing any doctor soon either. I got moved to a different room, still on the old peoples ward but this room had its own bathroom :) much better! Then it was about 6 O'clock that i finally started my meds, i was so annoyed! I didnt really need to be in until that evening. But anyway that's done now, im on 3 different IVs and one of them is a drip which is 24/7.. Il be on it for the whole time im here. Which is annoying to have a drip stand with me where ever i walk, i keep forgetting im connected and walking away from it then it pulls on my port, does hurt a bit lol 
Then on Monday i got woken up and told i had to move rooms again, this time on a different ward, the room was in a corridor and was the smallest room ever! it had a telly but it was so high up on the wall i couldn't reach it to turn it on!! The bathroom an shower room was down the hall, so each time I needed a wee i had to walk with my drip stand down there. Very annoying lol The nurses told me i would be in that room for a few days, i really wasn't happy and told them i would go home and wait until a room was available. But then after a few hours of sleep i was woken and  told i was moving back to the other room again!! I was so fed up, i haven't been able to unpack yet and still cant because there planning to move me again!!

So thats whats happened over the last few days... there also going to see if they can move my Transplant assessment so i can have some tests now while im in instead of going home and coming back a few days later for them :) 

So we shall see!! Thank you for reading! xxxx

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