Monday, 20 August 2012


20!!!! Yes thats my new number, im now at 20% Lungfunction! :D Yessss! I gone up 2%, it going up each time so im very happy about that, i think doing the bike everyday for 11 mins has been helping, so il continue to do this when im home :) 

Il be aloud home tomorrow, it will be my 11th day on ivs and im aloud home without them too :) 

thats all about me for now but i would just like to mention a friend of mine, she has Cf too and is currently on the transplant waiting list. Shes hoping to start something new this week to help her breathing, it does the breathing for her so she can rest.She has been waiting for a bed to come in to start it for a week now, Papworth keep promising her a bed then changing their mind. This is making her more stressed out which is putting more strain on her lungs. I really hope she gets a bed soon and more importantly gets her new lungs as soon as possible! 
Here is her blog if you would be kind to read and send her some support

Thank you for reading again! 

191hours until transplant assessment

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