Thursday, 12 July 2012

Hotel Pappy, Room 15...

Well... Im back in hospital & back in the same room with the same horrible bed, I Came in yesterday afternoon, but I feel good :) weights still up, I have a BMI of 20 now :) much better than April time when it was 16. I can't complain to much about being in here tough, iv had nearly 8 weeks out and haven't had that long out since last June :) can tell the weight has helped with my infection levels :) my infection is up a little tho, it's 40 atm, but that's not to bad it's been way higher than that before. My lungfuntion last week was 17%... Im sure that's not right tho. I'm still walking around, and without oxygen most of the time too. The woman that helps with the blows was in a rush to get home and didn't let me have anymore goes on it, I'm sure I would of got it to at least 20 something. But il have another go when I'm in and I will take my time doing them :) And well the time is nearly here!! See my transplant team tomorrow to find out what's next for me, I'm so nervous but at the same time I'm excited too..there's just so many emotions going through me at the moment. My family have been through a lot this week, it's been a really hard time for us, my nan isn't well at the moment and she is in hospital, addenbrokes too, shame she's not in papworth and we cant go visit each other. Iv asked not to go on a drip this time round soni can go and see her as it's only over the road from me, well 20 mins away. So that's all at the moment, il write tomorrow if it all goes well and I'm in a good mood lol if not it might be a while... Fingers crossed!! :) Thank you for reading :) xx

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