Friday, 29 June 2012

little catch up

Well iv now been out of hospital 6 weeks, which is the first time since last August!! Since then iv been in Papworth every 3-4 weeks.. So I'm happy with this!! :) Iv got clinic Monday and will be doing my lungfuction for the first time since my PEG op, when I last done it it was 22%, although at that time I had tonsillitis and a very sore mouth so it hurt to do it, I'm hoping that's why it was so low, I'm usually around the 30% Mark. The last few times iv been to clinic iv avoided doing it because iv been to scared for the results, but I do need to do it now. I need to know where I'm at now. This last week iv been very tired and sore, my chest has been aching where I'm coughing a lot. I haven't been sleeping well, i wake up coughing every night, I don't remember the last time I slept all the way through. So where I'm coughing its aching my chest and iv also pulled a few mussels in my back which is hurting like mad. Iv been sick a lot from coughing which is giving me belly pain, AND strangely my eye is hurting from coughing!! My eye?! Lol I don't know how but it does lol so this week Iv just been exhausted from all this aching and nit sleeping. I think maybe il be going in pappy soon for some ivs, get a bit of a rest and a boost :) So I got my date through to see the transplant team :) Friday the 13th! As soon as I heard the date I thought great, of course I would get that date lol I was worrying about it for a while, I know it just a date and I shouldn't be silly over it but I couldn't help it, I got diagnosed with cf when in was 5 on Friday the 13th, but my dad said to me 'it's lucky I found out I have this then, cos if I didn't I wouldn't be here' which is true so that's made me feel better, and it's also in transplant week which has got to be a good thing :) Il post again after my clinic :) thank you for reading! Xxx

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