Thursday, 19 April 2012


To be honest im a bit scared about going home now. How will i cope with stairs and getting around? Will i struggle? Will i need to use Oxygen every time i want to leave the house? Some many worries at the moment...

Last night i had an Oxygen test to see if i need oxygen while i sleep. I didn't get much sleep as i kept waking up seeing what they where all night!.. Turns out i don't :) My o2 levels are 89-91% at night so that's all good! But when i walk they have been dropping too 88%. And the physio have said for me to use it when getting around. I will try when im home and go around without it see how i get on, but il make sure its in the car so i can quickly get it of needed. Im off to Cambridge Saturday & i wont have the oxygen by then so i will take my time and maybe sit for drinks every now and then..BUT I will get my Bunny this weekend! lol 

I had my PEG loosened yesterday, its a bit sore again now, had it moved around, i didn't want to look while the nurse was doing it, but i did.. and at the wrong time, was all scabby and gooie! Yuk! Il have to do this once a week at home myself. But it will be changing to a Button in a few weeks, which will be much smaller and will have no long tube hanging down. I keep sitting on it and pulling it, that does hurt! 

Today has gone soooo sloooow! Iv had 5 naps to try and pass the time! But i will be out of here tomorrow by 1 O'Clock!! :D :D :D Cant wait to have real food! Iv got new jammies waiting for me at home and a new bed set, can not wait! Also can't wait to wake up to Ben, its feels like forever!!   

Thank you again for reading & a big thank you to everyone who has shared my blogg, iv had so many messages from people, your all to kind. :) xxx

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