Monday, 16 April 2012

Home time!!

Im finally aloud home!! :D YAY! Im packing ready for Friday :D 

So this week again, has been and up and down week. I got sent down for a chest X-Ray which is a normal weekly thing. I had it done went back to my room and was sitting talking to a nurse when my Doc came in and was holding my X-Ray form. I knew something was wrong then as they never come and tell me how my X-Ray is straight away. He told me i had air in my belly and i needed a CT scan, i panicked straight away and i asked him ' Will it kill me' ..which now i hear myself saying it i sound so silly, he laughed and said no he said the air is under my diaphragm which means it cant get into my chest. So they wanted me to have a CT scan that night, i only waited about 20 minutes before i went down for it, i had to have a cannula put in because the CT scan i was having i needed dye put in me so that it could highlight my belly area. Im not going to lie, i was scared only because i was on my own, one of my nurses came with me though and shes lovely so made me feel more relaxed. The dye was a weird feeling, made me have a hot flush and a horrible metal taste in my mouth and as the hot flush passes down my body it goes to my legs which made me feel like i wet myself !! Was so strange! After that i went back to my room and just sat there panicking, waiting for the results. He told me that if the air was infected in my belly then i may need to have surgery. About half an hour later the doctor came back and told me its not infected so no surgery will be needed and the air will just go on its own, it will just dissolve into the tissue in my belly. I can feel a little pop every now and then, feels very weird! 

Iv been walking lots with the physio but have been on oxygen while doing it. So the doc has said he will be sending oxygen to my house for if i need it, getting breathless walking around or coughing and getting breathless. Im happy its going to be there just incase though :) 

SO thats my week again! Always full of drama! Hopefully my next blogg will be from home :D  xxxx

I would just like to say aswell one of my friends passed away today and it has been very sad for everyone who knows her, she was such a strong brave woman. She helped me alot with anything i was worried about. Its horrible aswell as she was in the room next door to me and i couldnt see her, my thoughts are with her family and friends <3 xxxx

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