Tuesday, 10 April 2012

22 Days & Counting...

Wow nearly been in for 4 weeks!! 

So in the last week iv had my PEG done! Yay! Finally i have it in me and have started my feeds, i started on a low dose and then everyday they have been getting higher and higher, im now on 2000 calories a day :) 

So the day of my peg came.. i was told it would be in the afternoon sometime, they didn't have an exact time but when they said afternoon i thought it would be roughly around 2 or 3. I was in the middle of having physio at 11 when all of a sudden a load of nurses and the transport man came in ready to take me down to have the op, before the op i am ment to have a shower with some sterilised shower gel, and the nurses hadn't given me that yet so i couldn't go down, as well as that my nan and grandad hadn't shown up, they were coming down with me. My mum couldn't come with me as she and my step dad got a stomach bug. So i had to rush my shower get into a gown, i have to add i was quite tearful and in quite a state! 

My nan and gramps showed up just in time to come down with me, so that relaxed me a bit.. i was sitting in a wheelchair in the ambulance thinking of how this would turn out, was i going to die? would i have a lung collapse? would it just not happen again? .. I didn't think for one second it could go smoothly, because  honestly nothing goes smoothly for me. When we got the the part of the hospital where i had to go in my nan and gramps weren't aloud in there, so i had to say my goodbyes there. They waited for me outside until it was done. I then went into a room to be asked lots of questions, allergy's, weight, all the usual - Then i was taken to another part of the ward bit, into the room id be having my op. I had to sit on the bed and wait till the surgeon came, but i just couldn't move from the wheelchair, i was stuck, i was to scared to move. 'If i move onto the bed that means its really happening. I could die.' Thats all i could think about. But then i took a deep breath got up and moved to the bed, i layed down and they had to put a heated blanket over me as it was so cold down there. As i was so nervous and just couldn't talk they suggested i have a little sedation to calm me down. 

I had the sedation and was so relaxed after, i love that stuff! .. I don't remember what we were talking about
but the nurse soon reminded me later on. Anyway, i was waiting for an hour and a half before the surgeon came, and because of the sedation i don't even remember him coming in the room!.. Next thing i know is im waking up and everything just felt so rushed, nurses running around everywhere, things beeping, i got scared! Was i okay? did i have it done? did something go wrong? My CF nurse came over told me everything was fine, i had it done! i couldn't believe it, i was so expecting something to happen.. i kept asking her, are you sure? lol While i was in recovery i got very hot! And i wasn't aloud to drink anything for another 3 hours,  
but as i was sweating they gave me a sponge on a stick to dip in water and stuck on. I was then moved to the transport van ready to go back to my bed, they told me nan, gramps and my dad were there waiting.. I should mention that i never swear in front on my family, i never have! BUT when they brought me into my room i saw them all there and said 'piece of piss' .. The GA they gave me had made me very 'high', i was buzzing! .. I don't remember allot, but the nurses have told me i was hilarious! Worries me as im not at all lol so no idea what i was going on about... Anyway the GA wore off a few hours later and i was in so much pain! I wasn't aloud any painkiller tablets as i wasn't aloud to drink. And i wasn't aloud it through drip as i already had some before i came back to my room. But i couldn't wait an hour and half till i was aloud so they gave me morphine, only 10ml but it helped so much! The pain was still there but no where near as bad as it was. 

Over the next few days i couldn't move alot, i was to scared to move in case it fell out, or i feel and hurt it, but i needed to start moving or they wont let me home! I had been on oxygen since i came out as my o2 levels were 84-85%, they should be over 90%.. 

But today i have done walks, sitting up straight, coughing without it hurting and best of all my o2 levels are 90% :) so no need for o2 all day,but im still going to use it whenever i feel a bit breathless... So Thats my week! I should be home hopefully next Monday, that will be my 4th week! So i really need to get home! 

Thank you for reading again :) really means alot to me, and thank you for all the messages of support over the last few weeks! :)

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