Monday, 17 December 2012

A week done...

Hello all! Iv been in hospital a week today, its gone quite fast, iv been doing some nail orders to keep me busy :) So as i told you in my last blogg my infection lever was 51 im happy to say its gone down to 17 :) Yay... i was hoping that would be low enough to finish my IVs Thursday but the Dr said he wants me on stay on them until Christmas eve, he said i can go home Thursday but do them myself over the weekend. Normally i wouldn't mind, but iv been planing this weekend for ages now and i don't want to be tied down to meds and times... and i don't fancy travelling to Pappy and back Xmas eve.. So i asked the nurse to ask them to change there minds and he said they will have a meeting Wednesday and met me know. Also they want me to have my Annual review Thursday before i go, which im not happy about, iv been here all week and they wanna do it the day i go home.. they said il be done early but i know what these are like, i have them every year and i am never done on time, im always here for the whole day. Its my brothers birthday Thursday so i want to be home early to see him. Soo i have lots of begging to do!

Fingers crossed i can go home off IVs :)

2,172 hours on the list

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