Monday, 14 May 2012


Yay my weights finally getting somewhere! Two weeks ago my weight was 39 kilos... Now its 43.8 kilos! yay! Thats 6 pound on :) i have been eating quite allot lately, iv been finishing my meals which doesn't happen often. 3 meals a days plus snacks, plus my 2000 cal of fed a doing well! Which now means im only 4 pound off going on the Transplant List!! :O :D Its so exciting but i get butterfly's every time i think about it ! I could have new lungs by Christmas!! 

Im of home on Saturday, this visit hasnt been to bad, iv been home quite allot anyway though it.. off home tomorrow for a bit too! Make some yummy cupcakes :) 

Only a mini update today... Ohh also my bestie Sara is in a music video!! Shes a star! If you have a minute go onto youtube and search 'Van Susans- Firework' :) Such a lovely song :) Thanks for reading! xx

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