About me..

Hello everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog :) Here is where i explain about how i got to where i am today -

My name is Bernice Perry (formally Hardwick). I'm 22, i have a pet bunny, i live with my grandparents and am waiting for a heart/lung transplant.

Growing up i didn't do anything differently from anyone else, until i was about 5. I lived with my mum and dad when i was younger, and my sister Rheannon 19, and my brother Ethan 15. When i was little from the ages 1-5 my parents often took me to the GP as i had a persistent cough & wouldn't eat much. The GP doctor always said it was asthma, and gave me a few pumps and that was it. It wasn't until i was 5 and my normal GP was away that we saw a different doctor, he took one look at my hands and sent me straight to West Suffolk Hospital. I had lots of tests done, some included a sweat test, my parents were told on Friday the 13th that i had Cystic Fibrosis, (CF). click here to find out more about CF.

To be honest as i was so young i cant really remember much, other than getting alot of gifts from people and all of a sudden having needles and medication put in me. The staff nurses at WSH were the best, they help my family out so much and for years were always there for me, and to this day im still in contact with some of them. When i got to 16 i had to be moved to Papworth Hospital, by this time my parents had split up and my dad was with his new wife, my step mum Allie & my mum with her new husband, my step dad Simon. I then moved in with my grandparents, as it was easier for me to do my medication here.
My dad and allie also have two children together now too, so i also have two step brothers Charlie,7 and Liam 3. Phew i got a big family!! lol

So anyway, im now at papworth, My lungfucntion was good for years, i wasn't really in hospital much, when i was 18 i fell in love, and was with my boyfriend for 3 and a half years, he helped me so much, was there for alot of things i went through. Were not together now, but are still in touch every now and then. In the time we were together i got put on the Transplant waiting list, it took me about a year to be put on as my weight had to be 45kgs before they would accept me. Iv now been on the list 11 months, iv had no false alarms in that time. So im just waiting for that life changing call to come!


So i am pleased to say my call came and i received my double lung transplant in December 2013! 

I am currently doing very well, i came out of hospital 10 weeks, and haven't been back in or in need for IVs since! (touch wood it stays like that) I am putting on weight, and my lungfunction is getting higher and higher each week.  Here is my first blog post after my transplant :) click here. 

I like to help promote Organ Donation as much as i can, so if your not an Organ Donor please please sign up to be, you have no idea how much you could help someone and change there life.Be brave like my donor,

Thank you for reading and following my journey :)


  1. Hey Bernice,so admire your bravery and inner strength........NorthStory are gonna try to write a song for you and help raise awareness. Your a shining light and we just hope you find the health and hapiness you deserve. XX

  2. Hey Hun! I am a transplant recipient - found your page via Stacies! Look forward to following your transplant journey x