Sunday, 24 February 2013

Part 2 - February

Heres part two as promised!

So i came home on feb the 1st and was so so so glad to be in my own bed! I'd forgotten how comfy and cosy it was!! But as i had IVs to do i had to stay up late to do them... after they were done i hurried upstairs to my bedroom and fell straight to sleep. Up early the next morning though for more ivs, but i did have the best sleep id had in ages!

Im not sure if it was the fact id been sitting around in hospital for a whole month or not but i was very breathless, just walking around the house was hard. I couldn't face going outside walking cos id know i couldn't do. So i went to hospital for my clinic 5 days after being out of there and they wanted me to come back in the following day for some more treatment and physio using the 'Bird' which im not sure if i explained what the Bird does, while im having physio i use this as it pushes air into my lungs forcing my airways to open up and my mucous to shift and become loose, so its easier to bring up .. Yuk! not a pretty description! lol

So I was back in and put in a small corridor room, which didnt have a bathroom or toilet so i had to share one with the other patients. Which i wasn't happy about because of cross infection but hopefully i was only staying there a few days, which i did, i was moved to my normal room a few days later. So as many of you may off seen i was on telly last week for Organ Donation awareness  From The Heart!!! On ITV news! My Dr told the team id be up for an interview with them which i was, i was more than happy!I meet the ITV news team, they were all so lovely and nice, They filmed me and told me they would edit it ect and id be on the following week... But once we had filmed the piece they were so happy they asked if id do a LIVE interview with them! Ahhhhh! I was so excited! they came back the next week to do the live interview. I was so nervous! i couldn't sleep the night before because i had no idea what i was going to be asked... and of course my hair wouldn't go right that day! lol  They came and set up about an hour before and Lawrence McGinty asked if i wanted to do some practice questions...YES! lol that made me feel so much better and i relaxed a little bit...The interview was over so quickly, i ha such a good time doing it...and the amount of lovely messages i received after was overwhelming. My phone was going off up until about 11 that night... texts, calls, facebook & tweets! So many!! lol  It was so lovely to be a part off! in that one week They had 147,000 people sign up to become an Organ Donor!! So well done to those who did, and those who didnt do it now!!! lol Il put a link at the bottom off this blog for you ;)

here are some pics ...

 Behind the scene look 
 From the Heart pose
 In the daily Mirror!! 
A Valentines card from the ITV news crew! so nice :) 

Sign up here - 

So after that bust few days.... I was there for about a week and they said my infection had gone from 70 to 18 so i could go home on IVs again! So im home again! the IV times were better so i was sleeping alot easier.... after being on IVs for 5 days i had clinic again but this time they said i could stop my IVs!!!! Yaaaaay! i was so happy! After my Dr telling me i wont be coming off IVs ever this was great news!

Its now been 6 days off IVs, and strangely im doing well! Iv put on weight, i feel good and im not coughing alot. Its been such a good week :) Iv have been going out and when i know il have to walk far iv used a wheel chair! Iv used it a few times this week....Once with my sister, she pushed me around like a loonly person! She was going about 100mph! haha

Iv got clinic tomorrow to see what to do next but hopefully they will see im well and let me stay off them for an extra week :) il update after!

3,828 hours on the transplant list

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